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Playing With the New Burp Suite REST API

2018/08/30 - By 

One of the coolest new features released in the recent beta version of Burp Suite is the introduction of a REST API. I blogged about the UI and some other feature enhancements earlier this week. Today I want to talk a little bit about a command-line Ruby script that I’ve written to interface with this REST API called Burpcommander.
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Thank You For Subscribing

2018/08/13 - By 

Your free Burp Suite video training will be sent to the email address you just provided BUT ONLY AFTER you complete the email confirmation process. This is to ensure that only those who are serious about learning get access to the free lesson.

Feel free to browse Pentest Geek some more while you wait for your my next message! Here are a few other terrific Burp Suite related resources for you to checkout.

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Burpsuite Tutorial – Web Application Penetration Testing (Part 1) – An introduction to web application penetration testing with Burpsuite. Discusses initial configuration and a basic overview of web testing methodology.

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Burpsuite Tutorial – Web Application Penetration Testing (Part 2) – Expanding on the previous tutorial and offering deeper insight into some of the more advanced features and functionality. Targeted for slightly more advanced users.

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Credential Harvesting via MiTM – Burpsuite Tutorial – This article explores some potentially malicious use cases for Burpsuite as a Man In The Middle attack vector used to harvest credentials during a penetration test.

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