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Recovering Passwords From Hibernated Windows Machines

2017/05/11 - By 
Recovering Passwords From Hibernated Windows Machines

A friend of mine recently asked if I could help them by recovering passwords from an old Windows laptop. Nothing nefarious here just a common scenario we’ve all been in before. They hadn’t used the system in quite some time and couldn’t recall the password to log in.
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Incident Response in Trinidad

2012/01/25 - By 

Sometimes when you fill the role of a consultant you never know what type of engagements will be thrown your way.  How can you train someone to expect the unexpected with computer security. The topic is so huge, and there is so much to learn in this gigantic sea of knowledge.

Recently I was sent on an engagement in Trinidad while it’s country was in a state of emergency.  I had never traveled international before so I was required to get a passport.  I had to expedite my passport since I was supposed to be in Trinidad in less than a week.  Once the passport arrived, I was smooth sailing; so I thought.

I missed my flight to Trinidad which was supposed to leave Minnesota around 9am CST.  I panicked and thought I would never find a flight to Trinidad in time.  I called my travel agent and was very surprised to find  there was an afternoon flight heading to Trinidad.  The only catch was that it had a six hour layover in Newark, New Jersey and the connecting flight to Trinidad was between 12am – 6am EST.  I didn’t have any other options at this point, so I took it.
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