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Thotcon 0x5 Phishing Frenzy

2014/05/15 | Posted In Presentations | No comments
Author: zeknox

As most of you already know, Thotcon one of the paramount security conferences took place a couple weeks ago in Chicago. I got the incredible opportunity to present on the main stage about Phishing Frenzy and show off some of the new features now available.

During the presentation at Thotcon Adam Ringwood and I gave a live demo of the new features and executed a simulated email phishing attack. Those of you who missed it I’ve summarized most of the details in this blog post. Read More


PentestGeek Was At Derbycon 3.0 “All in The Family”

2013/10/24 | Posted In Presentations | No comments
Author: Royce Davis

Ok so I know it isn’t exactly breaking news that DerbyCon 3.0 was awesome. Still I wanted to take a moment to reach out to any of our readers living under a rock and let them know that last September, the crew had an opportunity to represent at one of the coolest Information Security events of the year, the DerbyCon!

Read More

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