Attacking Web Applications With Burp Suite - Video Course

Attacking Web Applications with Burp Suite

“I was able to use Burp Suite to get command execution. I went from to full Domain Admin of their entire network…”

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The Ultimate Burp Suite Training

  • Module 1: Introduction To Burp
    • Downloading & Installing Burp Suite
    • Configuring Your Browser’s Proxy Settings
    • Overview of the Burp Suite Interface
    • Installing PortSwigger’s Root CA Certificate
    • Creating Your First Burp Suite Project
  • Module 2: The Web Application Assessment Methodology
    • Discovery & Mapping
    • Focused Penetration Testing
    • Scanning & Validation
    • Exploiting SQL Injection Part 1
    • Exploiting SQL Injection Part 2
    • Exploiting Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
    • Documenting Your Results
  • Module 3: Advanced Burp Suite Techniques
    • Tunneling Through a SOCKS Proxy
    • Brute-force Password Guessing
    • Hijacking Credentials & Session Tokens


Average rating: 4.50 out of 5 stars
4 reviews
  • Nice Introduction

    I enjoyed moving through the materials in this course. I purchased Burp Suite Pro and have wanted to dive into the application. The course provided a nice introduction to the tools and overview of web app analysis. The dvwa instance provided is already configured for you and ready to go (easy to jump right in). I’m looking forward to the “coming soon” videos and continuing where I left off.

    Royce does a great jump explaining “why” we are doing what we do through the lesson and providing a foundation to the materials.

    I’ll be purchasing future content as well…

    Thank you for your feedback.

  • Great Course on Attacking Web Applications!

    This course is a great introduction to web application security using Burp Suite. I am new to this security domain and the online material is easy to comprehend for beginners. Royce does a wonderful job of detailing and thoroughly explaining how and why Burp Suite is used. Module 2 is my favorite section, which outlines step by step the web application assessment methodology, which provides beginning penetration testers a good framework to build off of. Regarding the practical portion of this course, using the lab VM (DVWA) provides pentesters a safe environment to hone their skills against. Looking forward to the next offering! A+++

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  • Amazing!

    Just wanted to say that this course is just superb. SUPERB!

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  • An effective introductory course to learn web application security testing with Burp Suite

    The tutor did an excellent job in delivering the course content which made it easy to follow and understand.

    However at this time of writing, the course was performed with an outdated version of Burp.

    For more relevancy, greater impact and value I recommend that the demo always use the very latest versions of Burp.

    Therefore my overall rating is 4 stars and could be 5 stars with upgraded version of Burp Suite

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