PentestGeek Was At Derbycon 3.0 "All in The Family" - Pentest Geek

PentestGeek Was At Derbycon 3.0 “All in The Family”

PentestGeek Was At Derbycon 3.0 "All in The Family"


Ok so I know it isn’t exactly breaking news that DerbyCon 3.0 was awesome. Still I wanted to take a moment to reach out to any of our readers living under a rock and let them know that last September, the crew had an opportunity to represent at one of the coolest Information Security events of the year, the DerbyCon!

The number of high quality Information Security speakers in Louisville KY this year was off the charts. We were excited just at the chance to participate. The fact that we were asked to present was simply icing on the cake.

Brav0hax teamed up with DerbyCon’s own Purehate for an incredible demonstration of SmbExec 2.0. Only a handful of the kick-ass new features were demoed. Check out this awesome writeup from Smilingraccoon for additional details.

Zeknox represented with the highly anticipated debut of his powerful and feature rich Email Phishing Framework “Phishing Frenzy”. If you haven’t yet heard of this tool you can expect to see it blow up in the coming months.

Last but not least, yours truly presented once again on the research and development into DCERPC which lead to the creation of a few pretty cool metasploit modules earlier this year including psexec_command and psexec_ntdsgrab.

Check out links to all of the talks below. Thanks very much to IronGeek for all of his hard work editing, uploading and hosting the videos on his site. Also a special thanks once again to DerbyCon for allowing us to come out and participate in everybody’s favorite Con. Thanks for reading and hack responsibly.

Talk Recordings:

  • Getting the goods with smbexec
  • Phishing Frenzy: 7 seconds from hook to sinker
  • Owning Computers Without Shell Access
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