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Dumping Domain Password Hashes Using Metasploit (ntds_hashextract.rb)

Dumping Domain Password Hashes Using Metasploit (ntds_hashextract.rb)

Earlier this week I released a blog post on the Accuvant website explaining at a high level some of the techniques and use cases for my recently developed Metasploit modules. This article will be the first in a series of tutorials where I plan to do a deeper dive into the individual modules and some of their many uses during an Information Security Assessment or Penetration Testing exercise.
The ntds_hashextract.rb script is a standalone tool that can be used to quickly and efficiently extract Active Directory domain password hashes from the exported datatable of an NTDS.dit database. As it turns out, exporting the datatable can sometimes be tricky so here is a detailed tutorial covering the methodology that I use and continue to have success with.

Step 1 – Install Libesedb

Libesedb is an open source C library developed to forensically extract information from Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) database files. In order to get what we need out of NTDS.dit we will first have to download and install the library using the following URL
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