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Hackers and Penetration Testers have one thing in common.

They know how to identify and exploit application vulnerabilities. Now, you can do the same!

By discovering a system or application's vulnerabilities before the hackers do, you can help organizations stop security breaches before they happen.

This intensive yet easy-to learn course will help you think and act like a Black Hat Hacker - without breaking the law - learning all you need to know about web hacking and penetration testing.

While "becoming a real hacker" takes years of training in dozens of skills and disciplines, we'll cover all you need to master the basics of web hacking.


Meet Your Instructor

Royce Davis

The co-founder of Pentest Geek, Royce is a seasoned consultant, team leader, and Information Security expert harboring over a decade of professional experience. He has authored and presented industry-recognized tools, techniques and methodologies to large audiences at top-tier security venues across the country.

Demystify Web Hacking and Attack Simulation

Learn web application hacking from a certified industry professional without paying thousands of $$$

Excellent quality step-by-step video lessons that are easy to follow and get straight to the point

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Discover, analyze and attack real web vulnerabilities using the DVWA Virtual Lab
Black Labs on 2018/11/30  

"I enjoyed moving through the materials in this course. I purchased Burp Suite Pro and have wanted to dive into the application. The course provided a nice introduction to the tools and overview of web app analysis. The dvwa instance provided is already configured for you and ready to go (easy to jump right in). I’m looking forward to the “coming soon” videos and continuing where I left off.

Royce does a great jump explaining “why” we are doing what we do through the lesson and providing a foundation to the materials.

I’ll be purchasing future content as well…"


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