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Pentest Geek is committed to delivering high quality training materials, instructional videos, and mentoring services to ethical hackers of all skill levels. Because of this, our vision is to promote security awareness through penetration testing, adversarial Red Teaming and goal oriented attack simulation. Our team of professional penetration testers are highly skilled and recognizable leaders within the information security and penetration testing industry.

Simply put, Ethical Hacking is a form of information security assurance. Typically, a trained industry professional performs a variety of focused attack simulations. These simulations target various components of the information system. They are highly targeted, and usually modeled after real-world threat scenarios. Ethical hacking can be used to uncover weaknesses in the security posture of a system, organization or entity. As the name suggests, ethical hacking is done “ethically” and without malicious intent. We do not post illegal or otherwise unethical hacking related materials anywhere on Pentest Geek.

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Playing With the New Burp Suite REST API

One of the coolest new features released in the recent beta version of Burp Suite is the introduction of a REST API. I blogged about the UI and some other feature enhancements earlier this week. Today I want to talk a little bit about a command-line Ruby script that I’ve written to interface with this REST API called Burpcommander. Burpcommander is a proof-of-concept…

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Burp Suite 2.0 Beta Review

A lot of changes have been made with PortSwigger’s recent release of Burp Suite 2.0! You can see a complete list of all the new goodies by reading the release notes. In this article I’m going to cover just a few key highlights that I think are important. Keep in mind I just upgraded this morning and my experience, analysis and opinion is based on only a couple of hours playing around.

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Installing Kali NetHunter on HTC Nexus 9

Everything you need to begin installing Kali NetHunter can be purchased on Amazon. The only real requirement is of course a supported Android device however this guide also makes use of the keyboard folio which should be considered a necessity if you plan to do any real work on the tablet as well as an OTG cable for plugging in an external WiFi card.

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