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Using Nmap to Screenshot Web Services Troubleshooting

2012/07/11 - By 

Recently a member from the Trustwave SpiderLabs team created an nmap NSE script that could be used to take a screenshot of webpages as it scanned the network. Working for a top 10 accounting firm, I conduct a lot of internal penetration tests for clients that operate on very large networks, and sometimes I’m required to audit entire counties.  Having the ability to view all the webpages on the internal network without being required to manually type in each addresses into the browser sounded amazing.  This was very exciting news now that there was a way to automate this process and have the ability to scale.  I dove in right away to get started by installing the script based on the instructions in the link listed below:

I highly suggest you look over the article above as I wrote this article in hopes that it would help assist anyone when having issues getting the http-screenshot NSE script to function properly with the latest version of nmap.

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