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Teach Yourself Network Penetration Testing

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In this beginner friendly course you'll learn everything you need to know to start practicing your network penetration testing skills on your own using my free and open-source project the ... Read More

Learn Web Application Penetration Testing

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How To Bypass External Firewalls Using SSH

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The Ultimate Burp Suite Training

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Playing With the New Burp Suite REST API

2018/08/30 - By 

One of the coolest new features released in the recent beta version of Burp Suite is the introduction of a REST API. I blogged about the UI and some other feature enhancements earlier this week. Today I want to talk a little bit about a command-line Ruby script that I’ve written to interface with this REST API called Burpcommander.
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Burp Suite 2.0 Beta Review

2018/08/24 - By 

A lot of changes have been made with PortSwigger’s recent release of Burp Suite 2.0! You can see a complete list of all the new goodies by reading the release notes. In this article I’m going to cover just a few key highlights that I think are important. Keep in mind I just upgraded this morning and my experience, analysis and opinion is based on only a couple of hours playing around.
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Free Burp Suite Course + Virtual Lab

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