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Attacking Palo Alto Networks PAN-OS ‘readSessionVarsFromFile()’

2018/05/11 - By 

A really cool CVE for attacking palo alto networks PAN-OS was published near the end of last year CVE-2017-15944.  Just last weak Philip Pettersson created a Metasploit Module to take full advantage of this bug and achieve remote code execution!
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GPG Errors While Updating Kali Linux

2018/04/26 - By 

I often run into the same GPG errors while updating Kali Linux’s apt-get repositories. The fix is simple enough but I seem to always end up Googling for longer than necessary so I wanted to place the working steps in a single place where I could have them when I undoubtably run into this issue again in the future.
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Installing Kali NetHunter on HTC Nexus 9

2018/04/05 - By 

Everything you need to begin installing Kali NetHunter can be purchased on Amazon. The only real requirement is of course a supported Android device however this guide also makes use of the keyboard folio which should be considered a necessity if you plan to do any real work on the tablet as well as an OTG cable for plugging in an external WiFi card.
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Attacking Web Applications with Burp Suite

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Recovering Passwords From Hibernated Windows Machines

2017/05/11 - By 
Recovering Passwords From Hibernated Windows Machines

A friend of mine recently asked if I could help them by recovering passwords from an old Windows laptop. Nothing nefarious here just a common scenario we’ve all been in before. They hadn’t used the system in quite some time and couldn’t recall the password to log in.
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Building A Virtual Pentest Platform

Course Description

In this beginner course you will learn the necessary steps to building a virtual pentest platform capable of performing thorough network security assessments. Start off with a vanilla Ubun... Read More

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